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Amanda Benjamin


"If Amanda Benjamin is elected circuit judge she will become one of the best judges our bench has ever known. She is that talented. She has the support of Judge Branford, Retired Judge Sanders and myself because Lincoln County deserves a judge of her caliber.”

- Judge Sheryl Bachart

"Amanda Benjamin is one of the very best attorneys I have encountered in my 46 years in the legal profession.  In addition, for over one year now, she has served as a full-time Pro-Tem Circuit Judge.  She has done that with great integrity and respect for all who come into the courtroom.  In a word, she is simply extraordinary.  She has earned our support in the upcoming election for Circuit Court Judge.  Please join me in voting for her. "

- Judge Thomas Branford

    "...I am a member of the local parent child representation program team of juvenile dependency/delinquency lawyers. This program places new emphasis on child welfare cases, and the families of such children. Having Judge Benjamin on the bench will be an asset to our work, and to the families we serve in this community."

- Jeff Pridgeon, Attorney

 "Judge Benjamin has done a spectacular job. I practice juvenile law almost exclusively so I am in her courtroom on a very regular basis. her demeanor on the bench is careful and thoughtful. While she has had a great deal to learn in a very short amount of time, her preparation is evident in court. She also presents a human side which is critical not only in the juvenile area, but in all aspects of the judicial role." 


- Alan Reynoldson, Attorney

 "I cannot speak highly enough of Ms. Benjamin and her qualities as a judge and as a person. She has earned the respect given to her. She is intelligent, thoughtful, has an incredible work ethic and approaches her job with humility. Outside of work, she is devoted to her family and has strong ties to our community. The integrity she brings to her position is the same she displays in her private life."


- Judge Sheryl Bachart

"No one could have anticipated how quickly and competently Ms. Benjamin made the transition from trial lawyer to trial judge. her demeanor on the bench is firm yet understated. her approach is analytical. her attention to detail is excellent. She has quietly taken a leadership position in interagency meetings. She is likely to be a rising star in the state's judiciary if given the opportunity."

- Jeff Pridgeon, Attorney

 "In my experience working alongside Ms. Benjamin she was dedicated in insuring crime victims were supported, informed and afforded a strong voice throughout the criminal justice process. In addition her preparation, commitment and her knowledge of the rule of law along with her humility, fair and ethical values and intelligence would make her an outstanding circuit court judge."


- Marcia Thompson

"I have been an attorney in New York for 45 years and in Oregon for 20. I've appeared in literally 1000's of hearings and trials and learned the hard way that before a good and fair judge, extraordinary justice can be accomplished and in front of a bad judge, it can be impossible. Amanda Benjamin has already proven that she is exactly the kind of judge Lincoln County deserves."

- Alice Vachss, Attorney and Author

"It is an honor to be one of Judge Benjamin's supporters. I appear in front of her on a daily basis. Judge Benjamin is well-reasoned and fair. She understands the need to use Lincoln County resources wisely with the ultimate goal of protecting the public and ensuring that the individuals who appear in front of her are treated with dignity and respect and to help get them on the path to becoming productive members of our community. It is not always an easy task, but Judge Benjamin is committed to doing what is best and just."

- Michael Thornicroft, Attorney

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