Vote for "my judge" Amanda Benjamin

Most people are fortunate enough to not have contact with the judges in our county, but this November we will all be voting for one of ours. Before casting your vote, I ask that you listen to those whose lives have been directly impacted by the courts.

I am a foster parent in Lincoln County, and I see firsthand the impact a judge has on children in the foster care system and in our community. We, as a community, need Judge Benjamin.

I have seen Judge Benjamin’s knowledge, integrity and compassion firsthand. It is clear that she truly cares about these children and families. When Judge Benjamin officiated over the adoption of my daughter, she didn’t just speak to her, she listened to her. From that moment on, in our house, she is known as "my judge" by my daughter.

I have also seen Judge Benjamin preside over criminal cases. She treats each person with respect no matter the reason they are in her courtroom. Her ability to show kindness, respect and fairness to all is a characteristic that is so important in the judicial role.

Judge Benjamin won’t be listed as the incumbent on your ballot, but she is the candidate who took over for Judge Sanders in early 2019, and she continues to handle the cases that were Judge Sanders.' I invite you to ask those who appear in front of Judge Benjamin whether she deserves our votes. If you do, I’m confident you will join me in voting for Amanda Benjamin for circuit court judge, position 2, this November.

Erinne Irish


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